ReaderzForge is a unique combination of an English Book Reading club and Theatre Group for Kids. We have storytelling for young children, Book reading for novice readers & Theatre Arts. We have sessions for students from 6 to 16 years. Sessions are interactive and receive appreciation from both parents & students.


Uncle Kay

About Uncle Kay

Uncle Kay loves reading books. His love for reading began when he first started reading Sherlock Holmes at
the age of eight and has remained undiminished ever since.

Over the years, he has accumulated a personal
library of 1,000+ books covering a variety of genres and interests. The reading habit naturally led to theatre
and Uncle Kay spent considerable time in his youth in amateur theatre, both as an actor and director.

After having worked for over a decade in the corporate world, holding a number of senior management
positions in the KPO industry and leading multi-national delivery teams, Uncle Kay has been managing his
own consulting firm for over 8 years now, working extensively with global clients.

At Narthanam he dons many hats including Rehearsal coach, Makeup artist, Cameraman, Personal trainer,
DTP operator, the staunchest of critics, the occasional Director and a full-time busybody

Our Classes


Kathas by Uncle Kay(K-bUK)

Rs 250 (Once a Week)

Age (6 - 7 Years)
Experience the magical world of folk tales and mythology through storytelling sessions by
Uncle Kay


Novice Readers

Rs 500 (Twice a Week)

Age (7 - 10 Years)

Assisted reading of curated books and stories for early and emergent readers based
on their reading levels 


Apprentice Wordsmiths

Rs 750 (Twice a Week)

Age (10 - 13 Years)

Comprehensive reading of books and the introduction to dramatic reading and creative writing


Junior Thespians

Rs 1000 (Twice a Week)

Age (13 - 16 Years)

Explore the various forms of dramatic story telling and creative writing with a strong focus on performances


Summer Camp 2021 - ReaderzForge

Summer Camp 2021

ReaderzForge is launching its first Summer Theatre Camp. It’s a 10 -day camp spread over 2-weeks for 2 hours every day and it is completely Online.

In this camp, participants will be working on activities such as miming and storytelling, vocal exercises to improve articulation, incorporating emotions into conversations, building empathy – understanding the other’s person’s point of view. And all this will be done through a series of simple games and play-acting - no boring theory, just lots of fun!

Why ReaderzForge?

English is the de facto global language for communication today.

Reading books is one of the most effective ways to improve a child's knowledge and understanding of English - building fluency, 
broadening the vocabulary, improving comprehension and developing better writing skills.

At the same  time, theatre studies promotes better communication, builds empathy and a collaborative mindset. 

As a whole, book reading and theatre activities boost a child's self-esteem, nurture creativity, foster the  ability to listen and react, enhance social and interpersonal skills, elevate the Emotional Quotient (EQ), encourage teamwork, and develop collaborative leadership skills. 

But, most of all, ReaderzForge is fun! Reading stories and playacting are among the simplest joys of  childhood.

Moulding Young Minds for a Creative Tomorrow

A reader lives a thousand lives
before he dies. The man who never
reads lives only one.

- George RR Martin

We must all do theatre to find out
who we are and to discover who we
could become.

- Augusto Boal

Language skills

Grammar / Syntax
Reading comprehension
Pronunciation & Diction
Reading Fluency

Communication skills

Listening skills
Clarity of thought
Articulation of ideas - verbal /
Written communication


Imagination and visualisation
Idea generation
Creative problem solving
Out-of-the-box thinking

Personality development

Self confidence / self awareness
Inter-personal skills
Public speaking
Leadership skills


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